Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Molly Girl

♥Molly Girl♥
I have been searching for various vintage charms around this few months.. seems hard to hunt for them in our town.. haha..but still god didnt let my effort down, i manage to found MOllY girl in one of a vintage store.. heard from the seller that all their charms are very limited as such i manage to bought a few pieces,they are all so vintage looking.

Jus past my 23 birthday.. (seems abit old le.. time seems to past so fast), would

like to thanks those friends & love ones for the great gifts.. really appreciate it alot.. one of the gift my boyfriend bought for me is earrings holder haha.. which allows me to hang up to 64 pairs of earring.. (as i am a fanatic earring person... guess wat i manage to used up all the space ) hahaha! I hope MOLLY GIRL will be
one of a great collection for you girls too..

Vintage Molly Girl pendent with mismatch heart shape earring...

Selling PRice: $16 - SOLD

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