Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Strawberry Girl


Once upon a time...There lived in a certain village a little Strawberry Girl, the sweetie creature was ever seen. Her granny was excessively fond of her. She will pluck strawberries from her tree everyday..

Lolis charm earring... Strawberry girl...

Selling Price: $32

- Amera got it! (still have stk)


Mummy of happiefamiLEE said...

hello ashley!

Need your help urgently! Can you tell me where you buy the lolis charms from?? My gf is in korea now and I thought to ask her to help me buy some?


Mummy of happiefamiLEE said...

Hi Ashley,

It's me again! Hee...I want to buy this pair of earrings! But can give some discount? Hee..

Reserve for me ya. Thanks!

Ashley said...

HI !

I manage to get those charms through a Hongkong friend. She got them directly from korea. i am not sure where is the actual location.

Okie, i will reserve this for u. I have other design too.. should be updating those babies this weekend... Thanks

Enjoy the holiday!!