Thursday, June 26, 2008

Back to School

This is a Limited Edition from QS.
Only ONE pair (NO remake)
My mind flash back to my schooling memories when i saw the old school uniform and school bag.
The bell reminds me of "RECESS TIME"!! During my times we called our breakfast/lunch "RECESS TIME". When the bell starts to "RINGss....." all the students will rush down to the canteen happily... this are all happy memories during my school days.
Selling Price: $38
~Espy treasured it!~


Anonymous said...

pls reserve 4 me TQ EN

QuaintStyle said...

Noted, i believe this will make a good collections of your earring!

Bo said...

Hi ash, this is nice! too bad no remake right?

QuaintStyle said...

Bo, so sorry no remake, only one available..

QuaintStyle said...

Hi ESPY, did you got the email i sent to you?
Coz i think yahoo is abit down recently.