Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Lala day out with BiBi

Lala own a puppy name Bibi.
A stroll in the nearby park with Bibi is always her favourite past time...
Cute Lolis charm with bling bling bibi charm...
Selling Price: $31
Bo & Espy treasured It!


Anonymous said...

this creation of yrs really tickles me to be in happy mood. Can i trade the Lala for girly pink instead? If ok, pls reserve 4me, TQ EN

QuaintStyle said...

HI Espy, Thank you for dropping by my webby again.

I have no more Girly Pink charm but i have it in Green color if you dun mind. Will email u the Pic of the Green Charm tonight to see if u are interested. :)

Take Care!!

Bo said...

Hi ash. can i have this.

QuaintStyle said...

Hi Bo, yes still have one left. Will email u