Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Little Surprise


To create a bit of FUn, here is a little surprise for yourself or for your friend. These vintage tin boxes were made in Switzerland, and are signed on the front and authenticated in the back. QS imported the tin from USA.

Inside this tin, is a pair of mismatches earrings (pls dun ask me how the earrings inside looks like, coz its suppose to be a surprise). Some of the charms I used on these earrings are imported from USA too, they are all lovely creation. I will expose the creation inside ones they is a buyer for each tin.
Great for gifts or for yourself!

Selling Price: $25

Tin 1: Espy Got it!

Tin 2: Rachel got it!

(sorry babes, both tins are sold)

*will reveal the surprise tonight!*


Nicole said...

Hi Ashley,

So how does it works?? I just order one tin and you'll just randomly select one of the earrings which you've created to place it in??


QuaintStyle said...

Hi Nicole
Welcome to QS again.
OKie, each of this tin consist of one pair of mismatch earrings. (this mismatch earrings are my new creationS and will be put inside the tin).
Sad to say, both tins are taken already.
I will be posting the earrings inside the tin up, ones the buyer have collected their tin. :)
Jus a little fun~

Bo said...

i came late.. like the tin & a little surprise for myself...