Friday, September 19, 2008

#2 Spree for your accessories! From Taiwan (CLOSED)

PhotobucketDear Babes

Join our Spree from taiwan !

Please take note of the following before you submit your order:

1) Closing date: 14 Nov 2008 Midnight 12am last order , FULL payment MUST be made before 16 Nov 08 6pm else no order will be made for you.. (Q.S reserve the rights to close the spree early ..)

2)An email will be send to you after your orders are confirmed. Money will be refund to you if there is no more stocks for your orders

2) Please allow 2wks to a month for orders to arrive. (Please DO NOT order if you cant wait)

3) An email will be send to you ones the orders arrived (items will usually be mail out the next working day when orders are received)

4) Submit your order to in the format below:

Item URL:
Price in NT:


How to calculate your total purchase (this will include your normal local posting):
[Total Price in NT/20 ] + 3% of your total Amt (paypal charges) + [$2.50 Handling fees & Postage X total Qty]=

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Kelly said...

payment made. Pls check . Thanks!