Thursday, January 29, 2009

Jus for Reading

Happy Chinese New year! Moo Moo... It’s my Year, year of the "OX".

Phew, it seems long since my last creations. Was busy preparing for new year for the past few weeks, coming next is my younger sis ROM on February the 14, 2009. YUP! Its valentine day. Alright, my younger sis is getting married before me.. HAPPY for her as she will be in good hands.

Nevertheless, I did have a few new creations on hand ( jus tat no time to take pictures of them). Thanks all who have been visiting QuaintStyle regularly , I will try to update those lovely baby soon okie ( hopefully before V- Day).

Enjoy all the visiting this CNY~ ( for those who are unmarried, get lotsa of Ang Baos ya!)

Cheers Ashley =)

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