Thursday, March 11, 2010


QuaintStyle love the Month of March cause its "MY" birthday too =)

Thanks all who have been following Q.S .. as you might have notice there are rarely any updates recently. There will be a reconstruction on the “things” that QS will be selling ~ ( do stay tune if you wanna know more as more exciting stuff are coming up…)

As a shopaholic myself, I always go for quality and uniqueness as such starting from 23 March 2010 on wards QS will be an avenue for me to share n sell the treasures I found from all over the places!!

Just a small note - Customization of accessories are welcome

If you are keen to purchase any stuff, all you need to do is to email me !!


dace design said...

thanks, It is my birthdya as well this month. right now thinking about how to best organize the party :)

QuaintStyle said...

Happy Birthday Babe!! Wooo~ Birthday party!! tat must be fun !! happy planning & enjoy yourself~